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The opening of the site on Sunday, 05.03.1428 at his ceremony was under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh has been through the launch of the site.



Web-site stems from the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on the World Wide Web specialist Sunnah includes all sources of the year and references and related Prophet's biography and the merits of our Prophet Muhammad the Prophet addition to modern science (the modern term - learned men - wound and the amendment - graduation Study grounds) and other Science Hadith, the site also offers consulting fatwas and legitimacy, which answered by a group of scholars, specialists, and oversees the site Sheikh / Faleh bin Mohammed little Professor Sunnah and sciences of Imam Muhammad bin Saud University in Riyadh.





1. Site respect to the Sunnah and sciences and literature in terms of being a source of Islamic law, as well as the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in terms of being a role model and like peace and blessings.

2. The location is not personally participate in it, but a facilitator for each student learned he may show his knowledge and in the light of scientific and literary frame of the site, the site also welcomes all students aware also welcomes all constructive idea or a useful suggestion.

3. Site walking in the guidance and theses on a platform of the Sunni Community: The Way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Slmokhalafaúh adults and his companions, God bless them and the imams of Islam, Allah have mercy on them.

4. Site confirms that it is not his mission exposure to persons or bodies, institutions or governments or other it is a scientific site stating Muslim teachings of his religion and Platform Prophet peace be upon him everywhere in the world.

5. accept the site every moral or material assistance or encouragement or constructive criticism intended purports interest of Islam and Muslims.

6. maintains a website in his right to publish what does not see published with fully pray for each participant in it.





1. People definition of the second source of the sources of their religion which is the Sunnah.

2. Identification Bdoawin Islam that whale this year.

3. publication of the biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him and definition Bashmaúlh and manners and etiquette and dealing in order to be an approach to the Muslims in their lives.

4. approximation year kinds of anecdotal and actual people and the decision-making to facilitate the work and apply them in real life.

5. defend the Sunnah as the year since the age of Sahaba, a convergence of diverse attack.

6. warn people of the conversations developed and weak and unreliable.

7. Help researchers for scientific consultations in all the Sunnah Science easiest and shortest route and the largest possible segment of science students and researchers all over the world.

8. Find a reliable reference on the World Wide Web by scholars trusted and known for their safety and clarity of thought to the curriculum.


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